How to Access Your JAMB CAPS

Learn How to Access Your JAMB CAPS today.

Congrats on taking your first steps towards securing your future in Nigerian universities!

Acing your JAMB exam is just the beginning, and now it’s time to see if your hard work paid off.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to accessing your JAMB CAPS (Central Admissions Processing System) to check your admission status.


Let’s get you logged in! Head over to the JAMB portal at https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/login. Click on the “Create e-facility Account/Login” button.

Important Note: Ensure you’re using a desktop browser for optimal functionality. Mobile browsers might require switching to the desktop view for a seamless experience.

How to Access My JAMB CAPS with Registration Number

While creating your JAMB profile, you received a unique registration number. This number, along with your email address and password, are your keys to the JAMB CAPS portal. On the login page, enter your JAMB Registration Number in the designated field.

Top Tip: Keep your JAMB registration number handy. You’ll likely need it for various purposes throughout the admission process.

Accessing JAMB CAPS on Your Phone

Yes, you can access JAMB CAPS on your phone! While there isn’t a dedicated JAMB CAPS mobile app (as of March 2024), you can still use the web portal on your phone’s browser. Just follow the steps mentioned in the previous section (JAMB CAPS Login) and ensure you’re using the desktop view for a smoother experience.

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JAMB CAPS Mobile App (Availability and Functionality)

As of now (March 2024), there isn’t a dedicated JAMB CAPS mobile app available. However, the JAMB portal is optimized for mobile browsing, so you can conveniently access JAMB CAPS using your phone’s web browser. Keep an eye out for future updates; JAMB might introduce a mobile app in the coming years.

Retrieving Your JAMB 2024 Profile Code

Your JAMB profile code is a unique identifier assigned during your registration process. If you’ve misplaced it, don’t fret! You can retrieve it by visiting any accredited JAMB registration center or JAMB office. They’ll have you fill out a form and make a minimal payment to link an email address to your profile. This email address will then be used for future logins and will display your profile code.

Forgotten JAMB CAPS Login Credentials

Recovering Your Email Address:

If you can’t remember the email address associated with your JAMB profile, you’ll need to visit a JAMB registration center or office. They can help you retrieve the email address linked to your profile code.

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Resetting Your Password:

Forgot your password? No worries! On the JAMB CAPS login page, click on “Forgot Password?” Enter your registered email address, and JAMB will send you a password reset link. Follow the instructions in the email to create a new, secure password.

Here’s a friendly reminder: Choose a strong password that combines uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Don’t share your password with anyone!

Common Issues and Troubleshooting Accessing Your JAMB CAPS

JAMB CAPS Login Errors:

Sometimes, you might encounter login errors. Here are a few things to try:

  • Double-check your credentials: Ensure you’re entering the correct registration number, email address, and password (remember, it’s case-sensitive!).
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies: Outdated data can sometimes cause login issues.
  • Try a different browser: In rare cases, your browser might be conflicting with the JAMB portal. Try logging in with another browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

Discrepancies in Admission Offers:

If you notice any discrepancies in your admission offer, such as a different course or institution than you expected, don’t panic. Contact JAMB immediately through their official channels or visit a JAMB office to clarify the situation.

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FAQs about Accessing Your JAMB CAPS

How Do I Check My JAMB CAPS?

To check your JAMB CAPS, follow the steps mentioned in the “JAMB CAPS Login” section. Once logged in, you’ll see your admission status, including the institution and course you’ve been offered admission to.

Can I Access JAMB CAPS Without an Email Address?

Unfortunately, you cannot access JAMB CAPS without an email address. If you haven’t linked an email address to your profile yet, you’ll need to visit a JAMB registration center or office to get it done.

How Do I Login to My JAMB CAPS with Registration Number?

While an email address and password are the primary login credentials, you can also access JAMB CAPS using your registration number. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the JAMB portal at https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/login.
  2. Click on the “Login” button (instead of “Create e-facility Account”).
  3. Enter your JAMB Registration Number in the designated field for username.
  4. Leave the password field blank.
  5. Click on the “By Reg No” button below the password field. This option allows login using your registration number only.

Important Note: Logging in with just your registration number has limitations.

You won’t be able to access all functionalities within JAMB CAPS, such as changing your password or accepting your admission offer.

For these actions, you’ll need to link an email address to your profile.

www.jamb.gov.ng Efacility Login vs. www.jamb.org.ng Portal Login

These can be confusing at first glance, but here’s the breakdown:

  • www.jamb.gov.ng Efacility Login: This is the correct address for accessing JAMB CAPS, the platform specifically dedicated to checking your admission status. This is the website we’ve been referring to throughout this guide.
  • www.jamb.org.ng Portal Login: This is the JAMB website for general information, registration processes, and other services. While you can find information about JAMB CAPS here, you cannot access your specific admission status through this portal.
Simple Steps How to Login to JAMB CAPS with Registration Number

Remember, bookmark the JAMB eFacility login page (https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/login) for easy access whenever you need to check your JAMB CAPS.

By following these steps and addressing any common issues, you should be able to access your JAMB CAPS and confidently navigate your admission status.

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