Terms And Conditions

These rules are for using AllSchoolBest.com.ng. It’s like a guide for how you should behave on our website: https://AllSchoolBest.com.ng. If you don’t like these rules, please don’t use our website.

1. Definitions

In these rules:

  • “You” means you. That is the person using our website.
  • “We” means us, the people who run AllSchoolBest.com.ng.
  • “Cookies” are tiny data files that help our website work better.

2. Cookies

Our website uses cookies. These cookies help our website run smoothly. Many other websites use cookies, too. We assure you that we will protect your information and keep it secure.

3. License

This part is about ownership. We own everything on our website, like articles and pictures. You can look at them but can’t use them for your stuff.

4. User-Generated Content

Sometimes, you can leave comments on our website. We don’t check them before they appear, so be nice and follow the rules. Don’t post bad stuff, and don’t use comments for business ads.

5. Hyperlinking to Our Content

Some websites can link to ours without asking. For example, government websites, search engines, and news sites. But they can’t lie about us or pretend we support them.

Other websites need our permission to link to us. We’ll say yes if they’re good websites and it makes sense.

6. iFrames

You can’t put frames around our website to change how it looks without asking us first.

7. Content Liability

If you have your website, you’re responsible for what’s on it. Don’t put bad links or illegal stuff on your site that might hurt us.

8. Reservation of Rights

We can ask you to remove links to our website if we want. By linking to us, you agree to follow our rules.

9. Removal of Links

If you see a bad link to our website, please tell us. We’ll think about removing it.

10. Disclaimer

We do our best, but sometimes our website might have mistakes. We’re not responsible for any problems our website might cause you. We don’t mean to hurt you, but we can’t guarantee everything on our website is perfect.