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Your Cut Off Mark for Uniuyo 2024/2025 is Out!

This post uncovers the Cut Off Mark for Uniuyo in Nigeria.

In the process of seeking admission to universities, understanding the concept of cut off marks becomes crucial.

These marks determine the minimum score required for admission into a particular institution or course.

In few seconds, you’ll get the comprehensive information about the cut off mark for Uniuyo.

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Understanding Uniuyo Cut Off Mark

This is the minimum score set by the University of Uyo, Nigeria, for admission into its various programs.

It serves as a benchmark for eligibility, ensuring that candidates who meet or exceed the specified score are considered for admission.

This criterion helps the university streamline the admission process and select candidates who demonstrate the potential to succeed in their chosen field of study.

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Factors Influencing Uniuyo Cut Off Mark

The Uniuyo cut off mark is influenced by various factors, including:

Overall Performance: The performance of candidates in the entrance examination is a significant factor in determining the cut off mark. The university considers the scores achieved by applicants to evaluate their aptitude and suitability for admission.

Number of Available Slots: The number of available slots for a particular course also impacts the cut off mark. Courses with limited seats and high demand tend to have higher cut off marks, reflecting the competition among applicants.

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Competition Level: The competition level among applicants plays a role in setting the cut off mark. If a particular course attracts a large number of high-scoring candidates, the cut off mark may be higher to ensure the selection of the most qualified individuals.

Previous Candidates’ Performance: The performance of candidates in previous admission cycles for the same course can influence the cut off mark. If previous candidates have consistently scored well, the cut off mark may be adjusted accordingly.

Recent Uniuyo Cut Off Marks

The UTME cut off mark for UNIUYO is currently set at 180.

UNIUYO is now welcoming candidates who selected it as their first choice. Yes, in the recently completed UTME to apply for admission into their preferred department. See the Unimaid Cut Off Mark.

In recent years, the cut off marks for admission to Uniuyo have varied. Here are the specific cut off marks for the past five years:

  • 2022: 180
  • 2021: 170
  • 2020: 180
  • 2019: 160
  • 2018: 170
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Determining Uniuyo Cut Off Mark

The University of Uyo follows a comprehensive admission criteria and selection process.

Along with the cut off mark, other factors considered for admission include the candidate’s performance in the entrance examination, the number of available seats in each department, and the university’s academic policies.

How Uniuyo Determines its Cut Off Mark

Uniuyo determines its cut off mark by evaluating the overall performance of applicants and considering the factors mentioned earlier.

The university aims to maintain high academic standards while ensuring fairness and transparency in the admission process.

The specific methodology used to determine the cut off mark may vary from year to year based on the applicant pool and other relevant factors.

FAQs: Cut Off Mark for Uniuyo 2023/2024

Does UNIUYO accept 150?

It is unlikely that UNIUYO will accept a JAMB score of 150. The minimum JAMB score for UNIUYO is 160, and you will need a much higher score to be considered for admission into more competitive courses.

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What is the departmental cut off mark for University of Uyo?

The departmental cut-off mark for UNIUYO is the minimum JAMB score required for admission into a particular course. For example, the departmental cut-off mark for Medicine and Surgery is 240. This means that you need to score at least 240 in your JAMB exam to be considered for admission into Medicine and Surgery at UNIUYO.

Has UNIUYO started giving admission for 2023?

Yes, UNIUYO has started giving admission for 2023. The admission process is still ongoing, and you can apply for admission on the UNIUYO website.

How much is UNIUYO acceptance fee 2023?

The acceptance fee for UNIUYO is N20,000 for the 2023/2024 academic session.

How much is UNIUYO school fees per semester?

The school fees for UNIUYO vary depending on the course of study and the level of study. However, the average school fees for UNIUYO is N100,000 per semester.

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Does UNIUYO sit for post UTME exam or screening?

UNIUYO does not have a post UTME exam. Instead, they have a screening process that all applicants must go through. The screening process includes an interview and an assessment of your academic transcripts.

How long is a semester in UNIUYO?

A semester in UNIUYO is 4 months long.

What are the requirements for direct entry into UNIUYO?

The requirements for direct entry into UNIUYO include:

  • A valid O’level certificate with at least five credit passes in SSCE or equivalent.
  • You need a Higher National Diploma (HND) with a lower credit or better.
  • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

Does Uniuyo consider different cut off marks for different courses?

Yes, Uniuyo may consider different cut off marks for different courses based on various factors such as competition level and the number of available seats. Some courses with higher demand and limited capacity may have higher cut off marks.

How can I prepare to meet the Uniuyo cut off mark?

To increase your chances of meeting the Uniuyo cut off mark, it is recommended to focus on thorough preparation for the entrance examination.

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Study the prescribed syllabus, practice past questions, and develop effective study strategies. Consider enrolling in preparatory courses or seeking guidance from mentors or tutors.

What happens if I don’t meet the Uniuyo cut off mark?

If you don’t meet the Uniuyo cut off mark, it is unlikely that you will be considered for admission into the university.

However, you may explore alternative options such as applying for other universities or considering different courses.

Can I still gain admission to Uniuyo with a lower score than the cut off mark?

Generally, gaining admission to Uniuyo with a score lower than the cut off mark is challenging.

However, in exceptional cases or under specific circumstances, the university may exercise flexibility based on its discretion.


The cut off mark for Uniuyo is an important criterion for admission into the University of Uyo, Nigeria.

By understanding its definition, significance, and factors influencing its determination, aspiring students can navigate the admission process more effectively.

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Remember, thorough preparation and a focus on academic excellence will increase your chances of meeting or exceeding the Uniuyo cut off mark.

Good luck as you work towards getting more education!

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