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Jamb Score For Political Science 2024 (Polytechnic & Universities)

Discover the Recommended JAMB Score for Political Science in Nigeria

Are you in search of the best advice on JAMB scores for universities and polytechnics? Look no further, as this post will provide you with the information you need.

What is the JAMB cutoff score for Political Science in the 2023-2024 academic year?

If you are seeking information about the JAMB cutoff mark for Political Science, you have come to the right place. This post will provide you with the necessary details.

The management of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has officially announced the cutoff mark for Political Science. This information is crucial for all JAMB candidates who aspire to study Political Science in college.


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Jamb Score For Political Science In Nigeria

To be eligible for admission to any of the colleges listed below for the study of political science, you must meet the following basic entry requirements:

  1. Get a minimum of five (5) “O” level credits in subjects such as English Language, Government, or History, along with three or four other courses. These credits should be obtained in no more than two sittings.

  2. Fulfill the minimum admission requirement of the university or polytechnic you wish to attend. We strongly recommend achieving a minimum score of 230 or above in your JAMB examination, as it significantly enhances your chances of being admitted to your preferred college for political science.

I have provided an overview of the basic requirements based on the list of universities offering political science. Additional requirements will be communicated to you by the schools once you have registered for their post-UTME admission forms.


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JAMB Cut Off Mark for Political Science in Polytechnic

Below is the average JAMB score required for admission into a polytechnic. Yes, not necessarily Political science course.

Course Jamb Score
Political Science (if they offer, though) 160

Please be aware that political science is not offered as a course in polytechnics.

In the university, the minimum JAMB cut off mark for Political Science is 160. This means that you need a score of at least 160 to be eligible for admission to study Political Science at any university.

It’s important to understand that this cut off mark is not the same for all universities. Some universities may require a higher JAMB score for candidates applying to study Political Science. So, if a university has a higher cut off mark than 160, they may not accept candidates with a score of 160 for Political Science.


Jamb Score For Political Science In OAU

To increase your chances, it is advisable to target a JAMB score of 240 or above if you aspire to study Political Science at Obafemi Awolowo University.

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More Jamb Scores In Different Universities

Here is a compilation of schools and their respective JAMB score requirements for Political Science:

School Jamb Score
OAU 240 and above
UNIABUJA (University Of Abuja) 230 and above
UNIZIK 235 and above
FUOYE 240 and above
NSUK 165 and above
KSU 185 and above
UNILAG 200 and above


If you have gone through the table, you will find the current JAMB score and cut off mark for Political Science in various schools, including federal, state, and private universities. It’s worth noting that even Polytechnics are considered in this list.

These JAMB scores serve as a useful estimate for you to prepare adequately for your exams and perform well. Political Science is a significant field of study that requires thorough preparation.

However, it’s essential to consider another crucial aspect: what if your chosen school does not currently offer Political Science?

This is an important factor to investigate and take into account.

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Does My School Offer Political Science?

The following colleges and universities provide a program in Political Science:

  1. Federal University, Wukari
  2. Federal University, Ndufu-Alike
  3. Plateau State University
  4. Federal University, Otuoke
  5. Adeleke University
  6. Federal University, Lokoja
  7. Federal University, Kashere

There are more schools that offer Political Science. You can find a complete list in a separate post that covers universities in Nigeria offering this course. The list includes both State, Federal, and private institutions.

Is Political Science Important for Students?

Political Science focuses on government and politics. The curriculum of a Bachelor’s degree program in Political Science often covers subjects like political philosophy, political theory, comparative governments, research methodology, and related topics.

Graduates with a degree in Political Science have various career options in government, politics, political administration, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, public service, and even law.

Due to the significant role Political Science plays in society and the multitude of opportunities available for graduates in this field, it has become one of the most popular majors in Nigeria today.

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FAQs About The Jamb Score For Political Science

Here are the correct answers to the frequently asked questions:

What is the cut-off mark for Political Science in 2023?

The cut-off mark for Political Science varies across universities. It is advisable to check with the specific university you are interested in for their designated cut-off mark.

Which subjects are required for Political Science in JAMB?

The subjects required for Political Science in JAMB (UTME) typically include English Language and any three other relevant subjects such as Government, History, Economics, Geography, Civic Education, or Social Studies.

Can I study Political Science without Mathematics in JAMB?

Yes, you can study Political Science without Mathematics in JAMB. Mathematics is not a compulsory subject for admission into Political Science programs. However, it is important to check the specific requirements of the university you wish to apply to, as some institutions may have their own subject requirements.

What is the main subject of Political Science?

The main subject of Political Science is the study of government and politics. It encompasses various areas such as political theory, political philosophy, comparative politics, international relations, public administration, and political economy.

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Now you have knowledge about the JAMB scores required for Political Science students in Nigeria. You must have also seen the scores for several universities as well.

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