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New OOU Cut Off Marks for All Courses in 2024/2025

Get to know the OOU Cut Off Mark for All Courses in Nigeria.

In the competitive world of higher education admissions, one of the key factors that determine a student’s eligibility for admission is the cut off mark.

The cut off mark serves as a minimum benchmark set by educational institutions to filter and select candidates for their programs.

In this article, we will delve into the topic of OOU cut off mark, shedding light on its significance and providing accurate information to answer your questions.

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About Olabisi Onabanjo University Cut Off Mark

OOU Cut off marks are predetermined scores that act as a threshold for admission eligibility.

Candidates who score above the cut off mark have a higher chance of securing admission, while those who fall below the mark may face more significant challenges in the selection process.

Cut off marks vary from one institution to another and are influenced by several factors.


OOU Cut Off Mark

OOU, also known as Olabisi Onabanjo University, is a renowned institution in Nigeria that attracts numerous students each year.

The OOU cut off mark is a crucial element for aspiring students who wish to secure admission to this prestigious university.

Based on recent information, the official OOU cut off mark for the academic year is 180. See theĀ University Of Ilorin Cut Off Mark (UNILORIN).


OOU Cut Off Mark for All Courses

Below are courses offered at Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) in Nigeria, along with their approximate cut off marks:

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Course Cut Off Mark (Approx.)
Accountancy/Accounting 200 and higher
Agric Economics and Farm Management 180 and higher
Agricultural Engineering 180 and above
Agriculture 180 and above
Anatomy 200 and above
Banking and Finance 200 and above
Biochemistry 200 and above
Business Administration 200 and above
Business Education 180 and above
Chemistry 180 and above
Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies 180 and above
Civil Engineering 200 and above
Computer Engineering 200 and above
Computer Science 200 and above
Economics 200 and above
Educational Administration and Planning 180 and above
Educational Foundations and Counselling 180 and above
Electrical/Electronic Engineering 200 and above
English Language 180 and above
Fine and Applied Arts 180 and above
Fisheries and Aquaculture 180 and above
Forestry and Wildlife Management 180 and above
French 180 and above
Geology 180 and above
Guidance and Counselling 180 and above
Health Education 180 and above
History and Diplomatic Studies 180 and above
Home Economics and Hotel Management Program 180 and above
Industrial and Labour Relations 200 and above
Industrial Chemistry 180 and above
Industrial Mathematics 180 and above
Industrial Relations and Personnel Management 200 and above
Information Resources Management 180 and above
Insurance and Actuarial Science 200 and above
Law 240 and above
Library and Information Science 180 and above
Linguistics 180 and above
Mass Communication 200 and above
Mathematics 180 and above
Mechanical Engineering 200 and above
Medical Laboratory Science 200 and above
Medicine and Surgery 250 and above
Microbiology 200 and above
Music 180 and above
Nursing/Nursing Science 220 and above
Optometry 220 and above
Performing Arts 180 and above
Pharmacology 200 and above
Pharmacy 240 and above
Philosophy 180 and above
Physics 180 and above
Physiology 200 and above
Plant Science 180 and above
Political Science 200 and above
Portuguese 180 and above
Psychology 200 and above
Public Administration 200 and above
Pure and Applied Zoology 180 and above
Religious Studies 180 and above
Sociology 200 and above
Soil Science 180 and above
Sport Science 180 and above
Statistics 180 and above
Transport Planning and Management 180 and above
Urban and Regional Planning 180 and above
Yoruba 180 and above
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Bear in mind that these cut off marks are likely to change.

Factors Affecting OOU Cut Off Mark

Several factors come into play when determining the OOU cut off mark.

These factors include the competitiveness of the program, the number of available seats, the student quality, and your overall performance in the entrance examinations.

OOU’s aim is to select students who meet the academic requirements while ensuring a fair and transparent admission process.

Previous Years’ OOU Cut Off Marks

To gain a better understanding of the OOU cut off mark, it is useful to analyze the trends of previous years.

While the cut off mark can vary slightly each year, historical data provides insights into the average scores required for admission.

It is important to note that past cut off marks should serve as a reference and not a guarantee for future admissions.

How OOU Cut Off Mark is Determined

The process of determining the OOU cut off mark involves thorough analysis and evaluation.

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The university considers various factors such as the difficulty level of the entrance examination, the number of applicants, the performance of candidates, and the available capacity of the institution.

The aim is to set a cut off mark that ensures the selection of competent students while maintaining the integrity of the institution.

FAQs about OOU Cut Off Mark

What is the current OOU cut off mark for admission?

The official OOU cut off mark for the current academic year is 180.

Can the OOU cut off mark change in future admissions?

Yes, the OOU cut off mark can vary from year to year based on several factors such as program competitiveness and applicant performance.

Are there any reserved cut off marks for disadvantaged groups?

OOU may have reserved cut off marks for specific disadvantaged groups, such as indigenes or candidates from certain regions. It is advisable to consult the official admission guidelines for more information.

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Can I gain admission to OOU if I score below the cut off mark?

Generally, scoring below the cut off mark significantly reduces the chances of securing admission. However, there may be exceptions or alternative admission routes available.

It is recommended to consult with the university’s admission department for further guidance.

When will the official OOU cut off mark for the upcoming academic year be announced?

The announcement of the official OOU cut off mark for the upcoming academic year is usually made by the university’s admission authorities.

It is advisable to stay updated through official channels, such as the university’s website or admission portals.


In conclusion, the OOU cut off mark is a critical benchmark for aspiring students who wish to secure admission to Olabisi Onabanjo University.

With the official cut off mark set at 180, it is essential for candidates to prepare diligently and meet the academic requirements specified by the university.

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By understanding the factors affecting the cut off mark and staying informed about the admission process, prospective students can improve their chances of securing a place in this esteemed institution.

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