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Your UNILAG Cut Off Marks for All Courses in 2024/2025!

Are you also searching for the UNILAG Cut Off Mark For All Courses? This post is for you.

When it comes to gaining admission into the prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG), understanding the cut off mark is of utmost importance.

As an aspiring student, you need to be aware of the minimum score required to secure a place in this esteemed institution.

In this article, I will provide you with clear and concise information about the UNILAG cut off mark, including its significance, previous trends, factors influencing it, the current mark, and how to calculate the aggregate score.

Additionally, I will walk you through the admission process and answer some frequently asked questions.

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What is UNILAG Cut Off Mark?

The UNILAG cut off mark is the minimum score set by the university as a benchmark for admission into its various undergraduate programs.

It serves as a screening criterion to determine the eligibility of applicants.


Previous UNILAG Cut Off Marks

Over the years, UNILAG cut off marks have varied depending on factors such as the competitiveness of the admission process, available slots, and departmental requirements.

Looking back at the past cut off marks, we observe fluctuations in the numbers.

It is essential to note that cut off marks can differ across courses and departments based on demand and capacity.

Factors Influencing UNILAG Cut Off Marks

Several factors influence the determination of UNILAG cut off marks. Academic performance plays a vital role, with higher scores resulting in better chances of admission.

However, competition among applicants, available slots in each department, and the quota system for different categories of students also affect the cut off marks.

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Current UNILAG Cut Off Mark

As of the current academic year, the UNILAG cut off mark stands from 200 to 400.

This mark applies to both general admissions and specific departments, although some departments may have higher cut off marks based on their demand and capacity.

UNILAG Cut Off Mark For All Courses

Below are courses offered at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) along with their approximate cut off marks:

Course Cut Off Mark
Accounting 240 and above
Actuarial Science 230 and above
Adult Education 180 and above
Architecture 220 and above
Biochemistry 220 and above
Botany 180 and above
Building 180 and above
Business Administration 240 and above
Cell Biology and Genetics 200 and above
Chemical Engineering 250 and above
Chemistry 180 and above
Chinese Studies 200 and above
Civil Engineering 240 and above
Computer Engineering 250 and above
Computer Science 250 and above
Creative Arts 200 and above
Dentistry 260 and above
Early Childhood Education 180 and above
Economics 240 and above
Education and Biology 180 and above
Education and Chemistry 180 and above
Education and Economics 180 and above
Education and English 180 and above
Education and French 180 and above
Education and Geography 180 and above
Education and History 180 and above
Education and Integrated Science 180 and above
Education and Mathematics 180 and above
Education and Physics 180 and above
Education and Religious Studies 180 and above
Education and Yoruba 180 and above
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 250 and above
English Language 220 and above
Estate Management 200 and above
Finance 230 and above
Fisheries 180 and above
French 180 and above
Geology 200 and above
Geophysics 200 and above
Guidance and Counseling 180 and above
Health Education 180 and above
History and Strategic Studies 200 and above
Home Economics 180 and above
Human Kinetics 180 and above
Industrial Relations and Personnel Management 220 and above
Insurance 200 and above
Law 260 and above
Linguistics 200 and above
Marine Biology 180 and above
Mass Communication 240 and above
Mathematics 200 and above
Mechanical Engineering 240 and above
Medical Laboratory Science 240 and above
Medicine and Surgery 250 and above
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 220 and above
Microbiology 220 and above
Music 180 and above
Nursing 240 and above
Petroleum and Gas Engineering 250 and above
Philosophy 180 and above
Physics 200 and above
Physiology 220 and above
Physiotherapy 240 and above
Psychology 220 and above
Quantity Surveying 230 and above
Radiography 240 and above
Russian 180 and above
Social Work 180 and above
Sociology 220 and above
Surveying and Geo-Informatics 200 and above
Systems Engineering 240 and above
Theatre Arts 200 and above
Urban and Regional Planning 200 and above
Yoruba 180 and above
Zoology 180 and above

Note: These cut off marks are likely to change yearly.

How to Calculate UNILAG Aggregate Score

Calculating the UNILAG aggregate score is crucial for understanding your eligibility for admission.

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The aggregate score is determined by assigning different weights to the subjects and exams considered during the admission process.

To calculate your aggregate score, follow these steps:

  1. Gather your relevant examination results, including the UTME and O’Level (WAEC, NECO, or GCE) results.
  2. Assign the appropriate weights to each subject based on the UNILAG admission requirements.
  3. Multiply your scores in each subject by their respective weights.
  4. Sum up the weighted scores to obtain your aggregate score.
  5. Compare your aggregate score with the current UNILAG cut off mark to determine your eligibility.

Understanding the Admission Process

The UNILAG admission process consists of various stages, including application, screening, post-UTME, and acceptance.

Once the cut off marks are announced, eligible candidates are shortlisted for further screening, which may involve interviews, written tests, or other assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the minimum cut off mark for UNILAG admission?

The minimum cut off mark for UNILAG admission is 200, subject to change based on the current academic year and departmental requirements.

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Does UNILAG have different cut off marks for different courses?

Yes, UNILAG may have different cut off marks for different courses based on their demand and capacity. It is essential to check the specific cut off marks for your desired course.

How are UNILAG cut off marks determined?

UNILAG cut off marks are determined based on factors such as academic performance, competition, available slots, and the quota system for different categories of applicants.

What if my score is lower than the cut-off mark?

If your score is below the cut-off mark, your chances of getting into UNILAG are lower. However, there could be other ways to still get admitted, like through the supplementary admission list or by changing your chosen course.

Is the UNILAG cut off mark the same for all categories of applicants?

No, the UNILAG cut off mark may differ for different categories of applicants, such as indigenes, non-indigenes, and candidates from educationally disadvantaged states.

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It is crucial to consider the specific category you belong to when checking the cut off mark.

As an aspiring student, understanding the UNILAG cut off mark and its significance is crucial for your admission journey.

By staying informed about the current cut off mark, calculating your aggregate score, and familiarizing yourself with the admission process, you can increase your chances of securing a place at the University of Lagos.

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