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FUOYE Cut Off Marks for All Courses in 2023/2024

Have you seen the latest FUOYE cut off mark? Get to know the correct one today.

In the competitive world of university admissions, understanding the cut off marks becomes crucial for aspiring students.

This article aims to provide you with comprehensive information about the Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) cut off mark.

Whether you’re aiming for a score of 160, 180, 200, 250, or any other figure, this article will give you the correct answers avoiding unnecessary jargon.


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Understanding FUOYE Cut Off Marks

Cut off marks are predetermined scores set by universities to establish the minimum eligibility criteria for admission. They act as a threshold to determine which candidates can proceed with the admission process. Students scoring below the cut off mark are typically not considered for admission.

FUOYE Cut off marks serve as a fair and efficient mechanism to manage the high volume of applications received by universities. They enable universities to select candidates based on merit and ensure that students meet the minimum academic requirements for their chosen programs.


FUOYE Cut Off Mark

The Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) is a renowned Nigerian institution of higher learning that offers various undergraduate programs across different faculties and departments. As an aspirant, it is essential to understand the factors influencing the determination of FUOYE cut off mark.

Factors Affecting FUOYE Cut Off Mark

FUOYE takes several factors into account when determining its cut off mark, including:

  1. Performance of applicants in the relevant entrance examinations.
  2. Availability of slots in each program.
  3. Competition among applicants.
  4. Past admission trends.
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The official announcement of FUOYE’s cut off mark is typically made by the university’s management or the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). This announcement provides clarity to prospective students and helps them gauge their chances of securing admission.

Current FUOYE Cut Off Mark

  • The current cut of mark for FUOYE is 150 or mor depending on the course you want to study.

In recent years, FUOYE’s cut off marks have varied across programs and faculties. It is crucial to understand that the cut off mark can change from year to year due to various factors. See the Cut Off Mark for Uniuyo in Nigeria.

Changes in Recent Years

FUOYE has made efforts to ensure transparency and equal opportunity in its admission process. The university has witnessed changes in its cut off marks in recent years, reflecting the evolving admission landscape and the competitiveness of different programs.

To provide you with specific information, here is a table listing some of the faculties at FUOYE and their corresponding cut off marks for the previous year:

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Faculty Cut Off Mark
Faculty of Arts 180
Faculty of Social Sciences 190
Faculty of Science 200
Faculty of Engineering 210
Faculty of Management Sciences 200
Faculty of Agriculture 190
Faculty of Education 180
Faculty of Law 220
Faculty of Pharmacy 230
Faculty of Environmental Sciences 200
Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences 220
Faculty of Computing and Informatics 200
Faculty of Engineering and Technology 210
Faculty of Humanitites and Social Sciences 190
Faculty of Life Sciences 200
Faculty of Physical Sciences 200
Faculty of Management and Social Sciences 190
Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences 190
Faculty of Engineering and Agricultural Technology 210

Please note that these cut off marks are subject to change and may vary each year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the lowest cutoff score for admission to FUOYE?

The minimum cut off mark for FUOYE is 150 and can vary each year, depending on several factors. It is advisable to refer to the official announcement or contact the university for the most accurate information.

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How is the FUOYE cut off mark determined?

The FUOYE cut off mark is determined by considering factors such as performance in entrance examinations, program availability, competition, and past admission trends.

Does FUOYE have different cut off marks for different courses?

Yes, different courses and faculties may have varying cut off marks based on factors like demand, competition, and available slots.

When is the official announcement of FUOYE cut off marks?

The official announcement of FUOYE cut off marks is typically made by the university’s management or JAMB around the time of admissions. Stay updated with the university’s official communication channels for the announcement.

Can the cut off mark change after the initial announcement?

While the initial announcement sets the primary cut off mark, it is possible for the university to make changes if necessary. However, such changes are relatively rare and usually occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

What should I do if my score is below the FUOYE cut off mark?

If your score falls below the FUOYE cut off mark, it may be challenging to secure admission directly. However, you can explore alternative options like applying for a different program or considering other universities that offer similar courses.

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With a score of 170 at FUOYE, which courses can I study?

With a JAMB score of 170, you can study some courses in FUOYE, such as:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • English Language
  • History and International Studies
  • Law
  • Mass Communication
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

How much is FUOYE acceptance fee for 2023?

The acceptance fee for FUOYE for 2023 is N20,000.

How many students does FUOYE admit per year?

FUOYE admits about 10,000 students per year.

Is FUOYE screening form out for 2023?

Yes, the FUOYE screening form for 2023 is out. You can apply for the form on the FUOYE website.

Can I go to FUOYE with 151 or 150 JAMB Score?

It is unlikely that you will be admitted to FUOYE with a JAMB score of 151. For most courses at FUOYE, the lowest JAMB score accepted is 160.

Has FUOYE started giving admission for 2023?

Yes, FUOYE has started giving admission for 2023. You can check the FUOYE website to see if you have been offered admission.

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What is the age requirement for FUOYE?

The age requirement for FUOYE is 16 years old. However, you can apply for admission if you are 15 years old, but you must be 16 years old by the time you start your studies.


Understanding the cut off marks is crucial for students aspiring to gain admission to FUOYE. While the specific cut off marks for different programs may vary, it is essential to stay updated with official announcements and communicate directly with the university for accurate and reliable information. Remember, meeting the cut off mark is the first step towards securing admission, and exploring alternative options can still lead to a fulfilling educational journey.

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