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Your UNIZIK Cut Off Mark for 2023/2024 is Out

This post provides information about the UNIZIK cut off mark for admission into Nnamdi Azikiwe University in the 2023/2024 academic year. If you have recently taken the JAMB exam, this post is specifically for you.

It is also relevant for anyone interested in studying a course at the university.

Often, candidates seeking admission are unsure about the required UNIZIK post UTME cut-off mark or the best JAMB score for their chosen course.

Make sure you read this post carefully to understand what you need to do in order to prepare for your admission process.


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Securing Admission into UNIZIK (Required Cut-off Mark)

When seeking admission, it’s important to know that selecting UNIZIK as your first choice of institution during your UTME registration is the initial step towards gaining admission.

The university gives priority to candidates who have chosen UNIZIK as their first choice before considering other options, if necessary.

Additionally, candidates with higher JAMB scores have an advantage when it comes to admission into UNIZIK. Although all candidates who score 160 and above are given equal opportunities to take the post UTME exam, those with higher JAMB scores tend to have a higher aggregate score or weighted average.

This is because their UTME scores contribute to a higher average cut-off mark compared to candidates with lower UTME scores. Therefore, it is advisable to aim for a high score in both your JAMB and post UTME exams to increase your chances of studying your preferred course.

Remember, choosing UNIZIK as your first choice and achieving a high score in JAMB and post UTME exams will enhance your chances of being admitted into your desired course.

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UNIZIK Cut Off Marks

As you may already know, JAMB has set the general cut-off mark for UNIZIK at 180, depending on your chosen course. This means that if you want to purchase the UNIZIK post UTME screening form, you must meet the required cut-off mark of 180.

The management of Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) has recently announced the cut-off mark for the 2023/2024 academic session admission process.

If you selected Nnamdi Azikiwe University as your first choice during JAMB registration and have met the required cut-off mark, you are eligible to apply for admission.

Cut-off Marks for Different Faculties/Programmes

Here are the cut-off marks for various faculties and programmes at UNIZIK:

With a cut-off mark of 200:

  • Biosciences: Applied Biochemistry, Applied Microbiology
  • Law, Medicine & Surgery, Pharmacy, Social Sciences, Health Science & Technology
  • Physical Sciences: Computer Science

Course with a cut-off mark of 180:

  • Arts, Basic Medical Sciences, Management Sciences
  • Biosciences: Studying Living Things – Biology, Plants, Bugs and Insects, Animals
  • Engineering: Working with Machines and Systems – Chemical, Building, Power and Technology, Computers and Circuits, Machines
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With a cut-off mark of 160:

  • Agriculture, Education, Environmental Sciences
  • Engineering: Agric & Bioresources, Industrial Production, Metallurgical & Material, Polymer & Textile
  • Physical Sciences: Understanding How Things Work – Chemistry, Studying Earth and Rocks, Earth’s Energy, Numbers and Patterns, Forces and Energy, Chemistry in Industry, Numbers in Science
  • All Affiliate Institutions

Please take note of these cut-off marks when considering your preferred faculty or programme for admission.

UNIZIK Post UTME Cut Off Mark 2023/2024

  • 160 – 300

Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) Post UTME Cut-off mark is 160 – 300.

The minimum cut-off mark for Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) Post UTME for the 2023/2024 admission is 160. This means that candidates who score 160 and above in their UTME exams are eligible to apply for admission to the university.

UNIZIK has set this cut-off mark as the minimum requirement for the admission exercise for the specified academic year.


Below is a breakdown of different departments and the require cut off mark for UNIZIK:

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Science edu & bio 203
Chemistry edu 199.5
Comp sci edu 218
Inter sci edu 208
General science edu 230
Maths edu 184
Physics edu 182
Vocational edu 237
Business edu 228
Technical edu 170.5
Law 255
Pharmacy 276
Phisiology 241.5
Anatomy 240.5
Agric & extinction 184.5
Food sci & tech 210
Applied biochem 243
Medicine 292.5
Radiography 265.5
Nursing 281
Med lab 276
Applied microbio & brewery 249.5
Botany 221
PAE 232.5
Zoology 212.5
Bio sci 240
Computer science 254
Geological sci 233.5
Mathematics 208.5
Physics and industrial physics 213
Pure and industrial chem 219.5
Statistics 190.5
Economics 277
Mass com 268.5
Sociology 262.5
Psychology 264.5
Pol sci 266
Fine arts 193
Geography and metrology 202
Quantity survey 220
Surveying & geo info 188.5
African and asian studies 218
English language and lit 243
History and international studies 245
Theater arts 230
Religion & humanities 224.5
Philosophy 235
Music 193
Morden european studies 234
Linguistics 232
Adult edu 213
Edu foundation 225.5
Edu management and policy 236
Early childhood (edu) 222.5
Guidance and counseling 227
Hpe 206
Lib sci 233
Bio sci engine 198
Chem engine 236
Civil engine 242
Elect engine 241.5
Electric and computer engine 253.5
Industry & production 233.5
Mech engine 233.5
Metal and material engine 225
Polymer & textile 196.5
Accountancy 267.5
Bank & fin 265
Bus admin 267
CEM 245
Marketing 260
Pub admin 268.5
Architecture 229
Building 218.5
Environmental MGT 194
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Nnamdi Azikiwe University JAMB & Post UTME Score

UNIZIK has released the JAMB cut-off mark for all courses. It must align with JAMB’s approved mark. JAMB sets a minimum cut-off point for all universities, and UNIZIK cannot go below it. For this session, the general cut-off is 160, with some courses requiring 180 or 200. UNIZIK’s cut-off is 160. Candidates must score 160 or above to apply for admission. JAMB regulates and admits eligible candidates based on UNIZIK’s cut-off and Post UTME.

About Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka is a Government University in Nigeria. Its main place is in Awka, the big town in Anambra State in the southeast part of the country.

The University also has another place in Nnewi. It’s one of the twenty-five government universities that the National Universities Commission checks and agrees. The University’s name is to remember Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe.

FAQs: UNIZIK Cut Off Mark

What is the cut off mark for UNIZIK medicine 2023?

For the department of medicine and surgery, the Post UTME score requirement is 292.2. It is crucial for aspiring candidates to not only meet the JAMB cut off mark of 180 but also surpass the specific cut off mark of 292.2 to increase their chances of gaining admission into the department of medicine and surgery.

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Has UNIZIK started giving admission for 2023?

Yes, the admission list for the 2022/2023 academic session at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, has been published and made available online.

Can UNIZIK accept 158?

There’s no report on whether UNIZIK accepts 158. Candidates who have selected Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) as their first choice and achieved a minimum UTME score of 180 are eligible to apply for admission into their desired courses. The UTME cut-off mark set by UNIZIK is 180.

How to calculate UNIZIK aggregate 2023?

To calculate your aggregate score for UNIZIK admission, follow these steps:

  • Multiply your JAMB UTME score by 0.7.
  • Calculate your O’level score.
  • If you passed all your O’level subjects in one sitting, add a bonus of 10 marks to your O’level score.
  • Multiply the result from step 3 by 0.3 to get the weighted O’level score.
  • Add your final JAMB score and the weighted O’level score together.

Your aggregate score is the sum of these two scores.

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How much is UNIZIK acceptance fee 2023?

For this year, the acceptance fee for UNIZIK is set at N16,500 (Sixteen Thousand Five Hundred Naira only). This fee is compulsory and cannot be refunded, applicable to all newly admitted 100-level students.

How does UNIZIK give admission?

Admission to Nnamdi Azikiwe University is based solely on merit. Matriculation is the official procedure through which students are formally admitted to the university, granting them membership. Matriculation marks the completion of the admission process for a specific academic session.

For example, once John successfully completes the admission process and meets all the requirements, he will be matriculated into Nnamdi Azikiwe University, signifying his official membership and the end of the admission cycle for that academic session.

Is UNIZIK cut off mark 160?

The minimum cut-off mark set by UNIZIK for UTME is 180. 

How many semesters are there in UNIZIK?

In UNIZIK, for full-time programs, there are a minimum of three semesters. This means that students pursuing full-time courses at UNIZIK typically complete their studies within a minimum of three semesters.

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For example, if Jane is enrolled in a full-time program at UNIZIK, she can expect to complete her studies within three semesters, provided she meets all the necessary academic requirements and progresses smoothly through the program.

Can UNIZIK accept second choice?

UNIZIK does not consider candidates who select them as a second choice. This means that UNIZIK does not offer admission to individuals who designate them as their second choice. Any aspiring student who selects UNIZIK as a second choice is advised against doing so, as it would be a futile effort.

I hope you’ve learned about the UNIZIK Cut Off Mark and also got other vital information in this post.


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