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YABATECH Cut-off Mark for the 2023/2024 Academic Session

Get the correct YABATECH cut-off mark in Nigeria to avoid guess works and errors in your preparation.

In the pursuit of higher education, securing admission into a reputable institution is a crucial step towards realizing one’s academic goals.

One such institution is the Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), a renowned polytechnic in Nigeria.

To gain admission into YABATECH, it is important to understand the concept of cut-off marks and their significance in the admission process.

In this article, we will provide you with accurate information regarding YABATECH cut-off marks, dispelling any confusion or misconceptions.


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About YABATECH Cut-off Marks

YABATECH sets cut-off marks as a criterion to determine the minimum required score for prospective students seeking admission into various courses offered by the institution.

These marks serve as a benchmark, enabling the institution to select candidates who meet the minimum academic standards.

Understanding the cut-off marks is crucial for any candidate aspiring to join YABATECH.

It is essential to note that these cut-off marks can vary from year to year, reflecting the changing dynamics of the admission process.

Thus, it is advisable to stay updated with the latest information regarding YABATECH cut-off marks.

What Affects YABATECH Cut-off Marks?

Several factors influence YABATECH’s cut-off marks. The primary factor is the demand for each course. Courses with a higher demand and limited capacity tend to have higher cut-off marks.

Additionally, the overall performance of candidates in the respective examinations also plays a role in determining the cut-off marks.

Gaining an understanding of these factors can offer valuable perspectives on the admission procedure.

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Current YABATECH Cut-off Marks

As of the latest available information, YABATECH’s cut-off mark for the majority of courses is set at 160.

However, it is important to note that certain courses may require higher cut-off marks due to their popularity and limited availability.


Below is a table listing the faculties/courses and their respective cut-off marks:

Faculty/Course Cut-off Mark
Engineering 180
Science 170
Environmental Studies 160
Art and Design 160
Management Studies 160
Liberal Studies 160
Agricultural Technology 160
Food Technology 160
Hospitality Management 160
Textile Technology 160
Printing Technology 160
Computer Science 160
Estate Management 160
Surveying and Geo-Informatics 160
Urban and Regional Planning 160
Quantity Surveying 160
Building Technology 160
Civil Engineering 180
Electrical Engineering 180
Mechanical Engineering 180
Industrial Maintenance 170
Science Laboratory Technology 170
Statistics 170
Biochemistry 170
Microbiology 170
Chemistry 170
Physics with Electronics 170
Estate Management and Valuation 160
Mass Communication 160
Business Administration 160
Accountancy 160
Banking and Finance 160
Office Technology Management 160
Public Administration 160
Industrial Design 160
Fashion Design and Clothing Technology 160
General Art 160
Theatre Arts 160
Music 160
Polymer Technology 160
Agriculture 160
Horticulture 160
Crop Production Technology 160
Agricultural Extension and Management 160
Fisheries Technology 160
Cooperative Economics and Management 160
Marketing 160
Industrial Safety and Environmental Engineering 170
Welding and Fabrication Engineering 170
Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering 170
Computer Engineering 180
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Now, list above are subject to change at any time. Make sure you verify from your school before making a conclusion. This will assist you in preventing disappointments.

FAQs: YABATECH Cut-off Mark 2023/2024

What is the minimum cut-off mark for admission into YABATECH?

The minimum cut-off mark for admission into YABATECH is currently set at 160. However, specific courses may require higher cut-off marks depending on their demand and availability.

Does YABATECH accept lower cut-off marks for some courses?

YABATECH may accept lower cut-off marks for certain courses based on factors such as the number of available seats and the demand for the course. However, these exceptions are limited and may vary from year to year.

Can a candidate with a higher cut-off mark gain admission into any course of their choice?

While a higher cut-off mark increases the chances of gaining admission into YABATECH, the availability of seats and the competition for specific courses can affect the final selection.

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It is advisable to research the cut-off marks for individual courses to make an informed decision.

Are there any exceptions to the published cut-off marks?

YABATECH may make exceptions to the published cut-off marks in exceptional cases such as sports quota, catchment areas, or other special considerations.

However, these exceptions are typically limited and subject to specific guidelines set by the institution.

How are YABATECH cut-off marks determined?

YABATECH cut-off marks are determined based on various factors, including the demand for each course, the overall performance of candidates in the examinations, and the availability of seats.

These marks are established to ensure a fair and competitive admission process.

Are there any changes in the cut-off marks for the upcoming academic session?

It is essential to stay updated with the official YABATECH website or contact the institution directly for information regarding any changes in the cut-off marks for the upcoming academic session.

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YABATECH periodically reviews and adjusts its cut-off marks based on the prevailing circumstances.

Is YABATECH full time form out for 2023?

Yes, the YABATECH full-time form for 2023 is out. You can apply for the form on the YABATECH website.

Does YABATECH accept 140?

It is unlikely that you will be admitted to YABATECH with a JAMB score of 140. The minimum JAMB score for most courses at YABATECH is 160.

Does yaba accept second choice?

Yes, YABATECH accepts second choice. You can choose up to three courses in your JAMB application form, and YABATECH will consider your second choice if you are not admitted to your first choice.

Can I enter Yaba without JAMB?

No, you cannot enter Yaba without JAMB. However, you can apply for the Direct Entry program if you have a diploma or a degree from another institution.

How much is Yaba tuition fee?

The tuition fee for YABATECH varies depending on the course of study. However, the average tuition fee is N150,000 per year.

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Please, what course can I study in YABATECH with 160 in JAMB?

With a JAMB score of 160, you can study some courses at YABATECH, such as:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • English Language
  • History and International Studies
  • Law
  • Mass Communication
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

Can I enter UNILAG with 140?

It is unlikely that you will be admitted to UNILAG with a JAMB score of 140. The minimum JAMB score for most courses at UNILAG is 200.

Can UNILAG accept 170 in JAMB?

It is possible that you may be admitted to UNILAG with a JAMB score of 170. However, it is important to note that the competition for admission to UNILAG is fierce, so your chances of being admitted will depend on other factors, such as your O’level grades and your performance in the UNILAG post-UTME screening.

Is YABATECH still a polytechnic or university?

YABATECH is still a polytechnic. It was granted university status in 2022, but the change has not yet been implemented.

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Can I enter YABATECH with 149?

It is unlikely that you will be admitted to YABATECH with a JAMB score of 149. The minimum JAMB score for most courses at YABATECH is 160.

Has YABATECH started giving admission for 2023?

Yes, YABATECH has started giving admission for 2023. You can check the YABATECH website to see if you have been offered admission.


Knowing the cut-off marks for admission into YABATECH is crucial for aspiring students.

By understanding the concept and staying informed about the latest cut-off marks, you can make well-informed decisions regarding your choice of course and increase your chances of securing admission into this prestigious institution.

Best of luck in your academic pursuits!

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